Sew In and Go
Pre-threaded weaving needles
A. Simone Mink Lashes
Long lasting beautiful mink strips that you're able to get up to 10 wears from them!
Sharonda’s Maintenance Kit
Acetone, cotton balls, nail buffer, nail file, cuticle stock and nail hardener to remove gel and acrylic from nails
Carrie J's Restorative Hair Oil
100% natural Restores Strengthens Softens Promotes growth Great for itchy scalp and dandruff Can also be used for a hot oil treatment For all hair types Keeps scalp nourished while wearing protective styles Smells amazing
African Pride Dream Kids Oil Moisturizer
Make your kids' hair happy with this African Pride Dream Kids Detangler. Its powerful moisturizing formula penetrates deep to reduce breakage and relieve dryness for enhanced comfort. It also helps to soften hair and creates a healthy shine they will...
Uncle Jimmy's Beard Oil
Helps to moisturize your mustache or beard to leave it soft and with a polished shine Has a blend of Essential Oils that combats dryness, flakes, and fights ingrown facial hairs Promotes natural facial hair growth and strengthens the hair...
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