Brittny Spray Bottle
Adjustable nozzle from a straight stream down to a fine mist. Can be used in barbershop, salon, etc.  Is an ideal tool in daily use
Brittny Rattail Comb
Highly durable and heat resistant material, used as backbone for many hairstyles.
The EdgifiHer
A universal hair styling tool used for all hair textures to create the perfect edges, tame fly always and section the hair perfectly. Tool has black nylon bristles which doesn’t cause hair breakage.
A. Simone Collection Detangling Brushes
Eight moving arms to help fully detangle hair. Wet hair and brush easily glides thru hair and detangle without pain. Great for all types of hair.    
Magic Collection Shears
Stainless Steel Cutting Shears
Diane Single Prong Clips
Clips can be used to secure rollers in hair and achieve gorgeous pin curls, to hold locs and secure other styles
Curl Sponge
from $8.00
Curl Sponge
The curl sponge is a brush designed to twist natural hair within minutes. Use the 2.0 for smaller curls and 3.0 for bigger curls.
from $8.00
“10 Rake Handle Styling Comb
10” Long Rake Handle Chemical and Heat Resistant Untangle Smooth Finish
Dream World Black Rubber Bands
300 pieces  Tangle Free, Long Lasting 
Dream World Hair Pins
Dream Black/Ball Tip Hair Pins
Brittny Detangler Comb
This wide-tooth comb would be very handy if you have thicker hair and has a long handle for great grip.
Brittny Wave Brush
Soft or medium bristle brush for wave maintenance.
Graham Beauty Wrapp-It
Wrapp-It White Styling Strips are designed to hold wrap hairstyles in place during the drying process.Exceptional Strength, Both Wet and Dry.Superior Stretch.3.5"W x 25.5"LWrapp-It Styling Strips can be used many ways in a salon or spa. Their ideal use is...
Sew In and Go
Pre-threaded weaving needles
Dream World Hair Styler
Hair Straightener & Hair Curler  Temperature Indicator Lights Extra Long Cool Tip Fixed Switch
Brittny Crochet Needle
Use this needle to create extensions styles
Brittny Long Metal Pick
A styling comb with reinforced teeth and metal pick.
Brittny Weaving Thread
Brittny Professional weaving thread is perfect for sew-ins!
Dream World Mini Travel Blow Dryer
Small size with folding handle: Compact size and light weight, portable design of folding handle, and easy storage.
Brittny Professional 7’ Barber Comb
Professional salon use Heat and chemical resistant Glides through hair  
Twist It Up
The best & only clean way to twist afrocentric hair. In the center of each comb you will find a stainless steel woven pattern that is easy to clean & the patent woven design protects your hair from being pulled.
Cold Wave Rods
Naturally Beautiful You The Perfect Way to get Glamorous Bouncy Curls Quick & Easy Setting
Flexi Rods
Get the look without any heat! Create bouncy curls and waves easily with this set of foam rollers. Spiral rollers are simple to use on wet, damp or dry hair. Simply wind your hair down the rod for spiral curls...
Magic Collection Dreadlock Needles
Magic Dreadlock Interlocking Tool Needle 2pc Interlocking needle latches dreadlocks to create a secure look of new growth near the scalp. Keep hair at the base of the scalp from frizzing, clumping and pulling.
Magic Collection Soft 10 Pcs Hair Curler
No Damage to Hair No heat , pins, or Clips.  All aged , all hair types,  10 pcs/pk Silicone Create Your Hair Style Easy to use
Brittny Black Handle Shears
These styling shears have ice-tempered stainless steel blades that provide smooth cutting.
Rubber Bands
One Size: 0.5" (14mm) For Ponytail and Braid 300 Count

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